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Payroll processing is an important and vital part of doing business. Bogle and Company offers a Payroll Service

Other Corporate Services

Bogle and Company provides other Corporate services geared toward bringing the our clients the best service, so that they may


As the government increases its pursuit to collect on taxes owed, it is key that companies file their returns both

Assurance Services

Risk is an unavoidable part of doing business. Companies that successfully manage their risks can create the greatest value for



Without proper records, your business could very quickly disintegrate. Business owners can do their bookkeeping on their own, however, many invest in a bookkeeping service, such as Bogle and Company, that will save them not just precious time but the risk of making very costly financial mistakes.

 Our bookkeeping service includes: 

  •  To either prepare for you or assist with the preparation of your GCT returns,
  • payroll and accounts by a member of our Accountancy Support Services team.
  • Software Managed Service. Maintenance of Accounts and related records on computers.
  • Preparation of Management and Interim Accounts.
  • Finalisation of Accounts. Preparation of Financial Year End Accounts.


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