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In the world today, we are constantly searching for the the correct balance between work time and time with to rest, have fun, and spend with family. Many believe that as you climb the ladder to prosperity it is only natural that more hours will be added to your day, however this is not the rule. Many workers putting in those crucial hours are sometimes at the bottom of the todem pole.

This can lead to low morale in the work place, reduced productivity and increased turnoever.

Many would believe that the United States would have the highest average work hours, but it is actually Mexico that leads the charge in that area, with less pay and extremely low morale.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Mexicans have the most average annual working hours. The average Mexican will work up to 450 hours more than an American every year, earning less than a fifth of the pay. All in all, 29 percent of Mexicans work more than 50 hours every week with average working hours per year adding up to 2,237.

South Korea, however, has the fastest declining working time in the OECD, with the government proactively reducing working hours in order to increase leisure time. Still, an average South Korean tends to work 2,163 hours every year, second only to Mexico. Contrary to what most people think, Greeks actually work the longest hours in Europe. Workers in Greece put in an average weekly shift of 42 hours and that places the country third on the list of countries with the most annual working hours. The United States comes twelfth overall, with average working hours per year adding up to 1,788.

In the end, the balance between productivity and leisure is a fine line, which many have yet to get correct.

Countries with the Most Working Hours

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