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TAJ publishes its national compliance plan


Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) has developed a National Compliance Plan (NCP), which strategically outlines the compliance approaches that will be used during the current 2015-2016 Fiscal Year, to ensure that the projected tax revenue of $263.29b is collected.

TAJ for the first time has published its National Compliance Plan (NCP) on its website, to allow the public to be informed about the administration’s compliance focus for the year. This approach has been adopted in an effort to improve voluntary compliance and promote transparency.

The National Compliance Plan (NCP) forms a critical part of the overall development of the operations of TAJ, as it gives an indication of how the Large, Medium and Small Tax Offices, Revenue Service Centres (RSC’s) and Large Taxpayer Office (LTO) will operate. It also serves as a focal point for the development of programmes and in formulating the operational plans for the overall improvement of compliance.

As TAJ continues to strengthen its operations areas, the NCP outlines a compliance model that focuses on Service, Education and Enforcement across all activities. The specific compliance focus areas will broadly include:

• Correct registration
• On-time filing
• On-time payment
• Arrears management
• Informal/cash economy
• Correct reporting (i.e. audit & investigations)
• More focused and improved customer service
• Increased taxpayer education & awareness programmes
• Strengthening compliance & enforcement capacity/capabilities
• Improved information, communication & technology

These are key elements of TAJ’s approach to efficient and effective risk based tax administration.

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